Spreadsheet for Comparing Homes During Your Home Search

This spreadsheet, for rating homes, compares three homes (1-3).

This Home Comparison Spreadsheet includes formulas and drop-downs (Excel download) if you would like your computer or mobile device to do the calculations. If not, you can print the PDF version and take it with to showings and write your notes directly on it. It’s purpose is to help you remember the features and flaws of each home and help you rate, prioritize, eliminate, and choose homes.

Happy searching!

Print the PDF Version!

Home Comparison Worksheet PDF for Comparing Homes to Buy

Download the Home Comparison Worksheet (with formulas)!

Before you embark on your search for your new home, you need to know what it looks like. If you haven’t already Create Your Home Wish List to reveal your true priorities to yourself. This will save you endless time and frustration during your home search.


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