This Email is Sent to the Listing Agent Prior to the Inspection

The listing agent is asked to forward this email to the sellers to ensure a complete inspection.

Important Notes About the Buyer Inspection

Please forward this important reminder to your sellers! It has saved buyers from having to pay for a re-inspection fee. The buyer inspection has been scheduled for (day, date) at (time). In order for the inspector to perform a complete inspection, please make sure that he/she has complete access to all areas of the home including, but not limited to, the items mentioned in this reminder.


Inspectors will not:

  • Start up mechanicals like unlit water heaters.
  • Turn on water lines that are off.
  • Inspect/run the dishwasher if there are dishes inside of it.
  • Inspect/run the washing machine or clothes dryer if there are clothes in either of them.
  • Inspect the attic if the attic hatch is sealed. They will not break the seal.
  • Move shelving or personal possessions to access the attic.


IMPORTANT: Please make sure that all utilities are on with full access to the furnace and the attic hatch access for the inspector. If the attic access is in a closet and has shelving in the way of access, the shelving must be removed to allow access for the inspector.

Radon Testing

The buyers are having a short-term radon test conducted during the inspection. It is important that the sellers make sure that their windows and doors are closed at least 12 hours prior to the radon monitor being placed. It is important to maintain closed-house conditions for at least 12 hours before the beginning of the test and during the entire test period.

“Closed-house conditions” means keeping all windows closed, keeping doors closed except for normal entry and exit, and not operating fans or other machines which bring in air from the outside. Fans that are part of a radon-reduction system or small exhaust fans operating for only short periods of time may run during the test. Please ask the sellers to be sure to follow any instructions from the inspector.

Thank you
for your help!

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