Utility and Service Providers in Lake Elmo, MN

Utilities and Services in Lake Elmo, MN

Here are some items that you will want to take care of before you move. You will want to forward your mail through USPS.com, transfer gas, electricity, water and sewer into your name, set up garbage & recycling services, and establish any desired services you would like at your new home such as cable, internet, & phone.

Of course, you will want to also cancel gas, water, electricity, phone, cable, and internet at the home that you are moving from. If you are closing on the sale of your home, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU TELL THEM TO END THE UTILITIES THE DAY OF CLOSING AND NOT BEFORE!

Mail Forwarding

You can forward your mail at USPS.com.

Gas & Electricity

Xcel Energy    800-895-4999
Electric/Emergency Power Outage    800-895-1999
Gas Emergency/Gas Odor    800-895-2999

Water Services

Water & Sewer Services in Lake Elmo, MN
Online Form to Establish a New Utility Account

Trash & Recycling

Trash Haulers


Cable & Satellite Television, Phone, & Internet

Community Television/Internet

SCCTV is your connection to the north east metro community and features professional staff productions of everything from local sporting events, plays and concerts to high school graduations and community parades as well as shows that provide news and information about their 11 member cities in the north east metro.

Other Services

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