MLS Stats – The Hit Counters from Client Portals

A Snapshot of the Current Market Interest on Your Listing!

Each week during this listing process, we will send you a Weekly Marketing Update to keep you informed of our marketing efforts as well as information on how your listing is doing. This update will include MLS Listing Stats taken from the MLS hit counters on your listing. Learn more about the Weekly Marketing Update and what it includes.

Snap shot of a listing's hit counters on the MLS

The MLS Stats, a.k.a. “Hit Counters”, come from buyer’s Client Portals on the MLS. Client Portals are personalized web spaces on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that are set up for buyers, by their agents. Agents set up and design searches on the MLS that are customized for each of their buyers using the buyer’s criteria/requirements (location, price, bedrooms, baths, etc.). Buyers manage these listings on a personalized web space, a.k.a. “Client Portal”, on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This helps a buyer keep track of listings/homes that he or she may like. Every time a listing meets the buyer’s criteria, she receives an email with a link to the listing. The buyer can view, discard, save, or favorite” the listings that interest him/her at his/her leisure.

The Hit Counters allow listing agents to track the activity their listings receive through the MLS Email and Client Portal.

When a listing is sent via Client Portal, either by Direct Email or by an Auto Email, a Hit Count is available to the listing agent. MLS stats such as the number of times the agent’s listings have been included in an Auto Email to any client, or added to Favorites and Possibilities are all made available and help the listing agent measure interest.

The Hit Counters for each listing will go up or down depending on what the current activity level is for that listing. For example, when a client “de-Favorites” the listings, the count for Favorites will go down; when an agent deletes an Auto Email that pulled up that listing in a search, the Auto Email count could go down.

These stats help us see a snapshot
of the current market interest
on your listing within the MLS.


The MLS Stats are a great way to measure interest and activity in your home among the clients/buyers of other agents on the NorthstarMLS. All counts are re-calculated nightly and are cumulative. The stats include:

  • Client Portals: The number of portals that your home has reached, by direct or auto-email (the number of buyers receiving emails that include your home).
  • Client Views: Total number of “Full Display” views of your listing by consumers in their portals.
  • Client Favorites: The number of consumers who currently have your listing marked as a “Favorite” in their portal.
  • Client Possibilities: The number of consumers who currently have your listing marked as a “Possibility” in their portal.

Client Portal – Learn More Learn More About the MLS

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