Sellers: Some Last Items to Take Care Of
Before You Move/Close

Sellers - Stopping or Transferring Utilities and Services

If you are closing on the sale of your home, you will want to stop or transfer your utilities and services. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU TELL THEM TO END THE UTILITIES THE DAY OF CLOSING AND NOT BEFORE! You will also want to forward your mail and establish utilities and any desired services at your new home. We will send you a separate email and link for establishing these utilities and services in the city that you are purchasing a home in.

Pre-Moving Items

Mail Forwarding

You can forward your mail at

Utilities & Services

  • Cancel/transfer gas & electricity
  • Cancel/transfer water & sewer services
  • Cancel/transfer phone, cable, internet, & other services.

Moving Checklist

I have attached a link (below) to another moving checklist in case you need it. You might want to double check it to make sure that you aren’t forgetting to take care of any last-minute items.

Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist for Local - Short-Distance Moves


Pre-Closing Items

Items Required for Closing

When it gets closer to closing, the title company will send you a list of what items you need to bring to the closing. If you don’t receive this list within 7-10 days of the closing date, please inquire with them.

The Buyer’s Final Walk-Through

The buyers and their agent will be doing a final walk-through of the home prior to closing. This is typically scheduled either right before the closing or the day before. Treat this like a normal showing – the buyers will just want to make sure the house is still what they expected and any repairs or requests have been taken care of.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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